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Solomon Eugene LLC. dba Solomon & CO. 6773 Lopez Glen Way San Diego, CA 92126 Office: 858.800.1142 Cell: 818.416.6949 Fax: 858.800.1143

Solomon & CO. was established in 1991 as an IT/Management consulting firm, assisting both public and private sector organizations with improvement of their internal IT infrastruc- ture while helping to empower their workforce with the appropriate tools to achieve or- ganizational objectives and goals. As the need for technology to control ener- gy increased, Solomon & CO. expanded their list of offerings and services that can help you with end-to-end solutions for electrical, IT, and Solar needs. When you select Solomon and Co., you are offered top quality electrical products, ser- vices and economical solutions for your commercial lighting needs. We will work with you to identify energy efficiencies, local tax incentives and utility rebates while upgrading your lighting systems.

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NAICS Codes: 335110, 335121,335134,81122, 541549 License: SB #1788581 CAGE CODE: #76J2101 DUNS: #070377144 Certifications: DBE: #42476 SMBE: #42476 SLBE: #14-SC1168 California Arizona Nevada